Hast Kargah- The Beginnings

Hast Kargah was born out of an idea & MBA strategy project to create opportunities for the handicraft artists of India to help them elevate both economically and socially. With this intention, the young founder Shashank started travelling across the length & breadth of Rajasthan and other parts of India to understand the various forms of arts and to create a sustainable platform for the artists. Hast Kargah was formally established in 2016.

Hast Kargah is headquartered in the City of Lakes, Udaipur, Rajasthan. Rajasthan is an epitome of art, craft, and culture. We wish to reflect the same values in our products. Products in our portfolio range from Traditional Art, Modern Art, Spiritual and Religious styles with a touch of modern art forms.

About the parent company- Desert Dust

Desert Dust, the parent company of Hast Kargah, has undertaken the various initiatives of marketing and helping the artisans who lack the opportunities in the tech driven world. “ROOTS” is one such initiative under which the heart-warming stories of the artisans are made available to the world through a series of YouTube videos. Under yet another initiative SMarketRock Solutions’ Desert Dust helps the artisans with the end to end marketing solutions.

Desert Dust


Desert Dust is an embodiment of the soul of every Art form. Through the various brands under it`s umbrella, it aspires to unearth the art forms and bring them back to the limelight before we loosed them to the oblivion. Write to us to know more!

Shashank holds a degree in Engineering, and Business Management from Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. He has an experience of working with the start-ups like RoadRunnr, Befikr, VIBUTO and corporate like Dell through which he inherited the dynamics to start a business and understand the innovation.

He has traveled across the length and breadth of Rajasthan and have the experience of working with many artists. This has given him enough exposure to various art forms and build trusts with the renowned artists of each art form.

Shashank Sharma

Founder & CEO