Personal Collection

Vishnu Idol

A personalized idol or Vishnu Ji was delivered to one of our customers in Hyderabad. Created out of a single piece of stone by the skilled artist from Jaipur.

Corporate Gifts

Woh Kagaz ki Kashti

The biggest strength, your family: the theme for this painting is based on the famous gazhal 'Woh Kagaz ki Kashti'. Developed by a famous artist from Udaipur.

Personal Collection

Traditional Jars

You would have never seen such an art in the market as developed by the skilled artists at Hast Kargah. The Trio of Elephant - symbol of Good Luck, Horse - symbol of Power and Camel - symbol of Love; is hand painted on the jars from the natural colors.

Personal Collection

Antique Coffee Table Set

Coffee set sure to impress anyone.